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The DAOHQ OTC portal is an automated system to manage peer-to-peer buying and selling of tokens. Eliminate shady P2P trading on Discord, high slippage costs and drastic DEX price movements. Unlock your community’s liquidity with our Discord bot.


Create buy or sell orders in seconds. OTC orders automatically execute via our smart contract.

Deepen liquidity

Reduce drastic price swings by finding buyers and sellers outside of DEX liquidity pools.

Avoid slippage

OTC trades have no slippage and are more gas efficient than standard swap contracts.

Increase trust

No more shady p2p trading on Discord. All orders are executed through an escrow smart contract.

Live trades

TokenOrder TypePrice No. TokensTotalAction
0.0002 ETH100.002 ETH

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OTC Discord Bot - FREE

Add our Bot to your DAO's Discord server in seconds. The Bot sends an order link to its channel whenever we receive a new buy or sell order for your DAO's token.

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Knowledge Base

From basics like 'what is a OTC?' to installing our Discord Bot, our Knowledge Base covers everything you need to know.

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FAQs on how to get create a buy or sell order, and how to cancel an open order.

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Stay up to date with the latest news, stories and commentary on the booming DAO ecosystem.

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