DAOHQ Index - Invest is the top 25 DAOs with a few clicks

The DAOHQ Index Token tracks the top 25 DAOs by market capitalization. The index is consistently rebalanced to reflect the market cap weights of the top 25 DAOs.


Why Invest in the DAOHQ Index Token?

From diversification, gas savings, & price percision, the DAOHQ Index lets investors bet on the overall DAO market.

Invest in the Top 25 DAOs with One Click
Purchase 25 of the best DAO tokens with one click and redeem anytime
Diversify Across DAO Ecosystems
Support for all DAO types and any chain via cutting-edge technology
Consistently Rebalanced
DAOHQ consistently re-evaluates components of the index to capture the current DAO Environment

DAOHQ Index Price

Last Updated: Fri Sep 29 2023 01:11:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Token Return Projections

Predict future returns based on prediction of future DAO Market performance

Select number of years

10 Years

Days: 0

% growth of DAOs over 1 year

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Expected Return Amount: $0.00

Compare Index Purchase with Token Purchase

See how the timing and pricing of the Index compares to individual token purchases


Total estimated Gas: $50

Estimated time: 3 mins

Buy 25 Tokens Individually

Total estimated Gas: $80

Estimated time: 60 mins

Learn more about how the DAOHQ Index Token Works

Learn how the DAOHQ index token reduces fees and and saves time to purchase and represent 25+ tokens

Index composition

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