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Data analyst-first experience

Our data API is built with analysts in mind, with queries to spot high-level trends and then drill in to the detail.

Simple interface

Our Restful API is built to OpenAPI 3.0 standard, making for intuitive request handling to power data analysis projects and applications.
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Trustworthy data

Our data teams manually check data sources ensuring that contracts, tokens and community data are correctly aligned.
Deep data

Your x-ray into DAO governance, financials and community stats

Powerful, self-serve DAO analytics for any use case. Trusted by DAOs, data analysts, developers and VCs.

Investment analysts

Perform due diligence faster with the latest on & off chain information. Monitor portfolio projects in real time.


Make data-driven decisions with over 20 endpoints. Need a custom endpoint? Let us know & we'll build it.


Build your web3 application on top of the Data API, with high rate limits and unlimted requests on our Enterprize option.


Use the DAOHQ Data API to monitor your DAO's KPIs and health against others, and extract data-driven insights.

The most comprehensive and detailed DAO metrics

Aggregated data
DEX Transactions

All our aggregated data points return with meta data, giving transparency to the depth of the data pool.

Market cap

Tracking market cap for all tokens that we have paired to DAOs, over time.

Treasury value

Treasury value by all treasuries that we have pair to DAOs, over time.

Top X by Y

Monitor the top performing DAOs by treasury, market cap, community growth, token holders, DEX transactions, votes and more...

Data from 2,000+ DAOs that use and build with our products daily

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Quick start guides

Knowledge Base

From basics like 'what is a DAO?', to investing in DAOs, our Knowledge Base covers everything you need to know.

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Stay up to date with the latest news, stories and commentary on the booming DAO ecosystem.

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FAQ on getting started with DAOHQ and how to purchase your first DAO tokens.

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