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X is a community-owned, cross-chain NFT marketplace







X is a community-owned, cross-chain NFT marketplace


We will be conducting our token launch as a Dutch Auction on Copper Launch. There has been no private investor or early seed investment rounds. We are committed to a democratic launch that enables open and equal participation. The exact date of the auction is still to be determined, please join our Discord or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date.

A total of 500 million, or 5.00% of the total token supply, will be available for auction. There is a team allocation of 10% with a 6 month cliff and 4 year vesting schedule as part of the below Contributor allocation. As first communicated in our Discord AMA on 17 Dec, the breakdown has been slightly revised post our tweet on 19 Oct to reflect increased allocations for community incentives along with potential contributors:

In the future, we will be allowing users to stake their X tokens for veX tokens — the governance token of the X DAO. veX token holders will not only be eligible to vote in the direction of X but additionally earn 100% of the marketplace fees earned by X. The quantity of veX tokens received for every X token staked is based on the duration of staking.

For every 1,000 X tokens staked:

We are currently developing the front and back end for veX token staking and will communicate more details once ready for deployment.


X is a multi-chain decentralised NFT marketplace that is owned and operated by the X community. Governance is provided by the X DAO with voting rights given to users who have staked their X tokens for the veX governance token. We’re a community that celebrates radical self expression and inclusiveness with no prerequisites placed to participate


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