What Consensus 2022 taught me about web3


What Consensus 2022 taught me about web3

Jun 15, 2022 - 4 min read

Coindesk’s Consensus is one of the biggest Web 3 conferences in the world. It brings bright minds from all over the world who want to share what they are building, how they’re doing it, and how they’re helping others.

Not only does the conference have booths belonging to various companies, ranging from MetaMask to Cardano, but the events outside of the conference also had plenty to offer - from networking sessions to open bar parties. I had the opportunity to attend Consensus 2022, and here are my 5 biggest takeaways.

1. I immediately noticed that this wasn’t your average conference, because there were people of all ages. Even more impressive? Everyone was willing to learn from each other, regardless of age. When I had the opportunity to speak with big-time investors, they seemed very excited about investing in the future and were willing to help one another indiscriminate of age gaps.

2. I realized how important connections are. With the right connection, people easily got into networking events that they didn’t RSVP for or even found a place to crash for the night. My suggestion is to be kind to everyone–it'll reciprocate. As Jim Rohn famously states, “Your network is your net worth”. Now, I’m not saying that networking with everyone is good practice, but I would suggest aiming to find meaningful connections. These powerful connections are easily made at conferences like Consensus.

3. Understanding basic Web 3 technology can go a long way. I remember, when conversing with people about their projects, their ideas became even more fascinating to me because I could question their mechanisms and impact. This led to meaningful discussions and helped strengthen our relationship–even when we had known each other for a short time. I was able to understand their projects, as well as my own, in detail.

4. If you are a student, there are a ton of great organizations to look into. Many people I met were from student-run organizations that helped sponsor travel, food, etc. in exchange for being a productive member of their group. These organizations usually pushed for the understanding of Web 3 knowledge through talks and courses. After graduation, it becomes much easier for these students to place into jobs because these organizations have strong connections to Web 3 companies– examples being Moon DAO, Web3Connect, Padawan DAO, and your college’s blockchain club.

5. Lastly, the possibilities of web 3 are endless. I vividly recall when one VC said, “It would take 20 years to be a partner in a regular company whereas in Web 3 it is possible to become a partner in 5 years.” Web 3 just moves faster than everything else. There is a place for everyone whether it be as a developer, marketer, CTO, or DAO member.. Web 3 brings in everyone with open arms. There wasn’t a time when I felt like I was left out. It seemed I was always getting invited to events or enthusiastically sharing contact information - this inclusion made Consensus, and the things I learned at it, unforgettable.

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