Our $1.3m pre-seed raise!


Our $1.3m pre-seed raise!

Apr 26, 2022 - 3 min read
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This week, DAOHQ was featured on Forbes (read the full article here).

For our pre-seed round, we raised $1.3M from Mark Cuban, Soma Capital, Stealth Capital, GSR, Andres Bilbao, BitDAO (Mirana) Ventures’ Jon Allen and Mavis Xu, Gitcoin’s Scott Moore, and other angel friends.

We’re grateful for our investors and plan to allocate funding to build out our core team. Currently, we’re hiring for various roles and seeking ambitious, mission-driven members to join DAOHQ.

Learn more about DAOHQ Careers and apply for positions here.

How Funding Will Be Allocated

Funding will be allocated toward building out our core team and hitting company milestones. Right now, we’re actively hiring contributors to join DAOHQ and be a part of the future of decentralization.

We’re looking for proactive, gritty, and ambitious go-getters of all backgrounds to be a part of our team. At DAOHQ, you’ll be building the future of DAOs with us and helping make big things happen.

You can apply here now or contact us at team@daohq.co. We’d love to get in touch and meet with you.

We’re hiring! Check out positions and apply here.

Join DAOHQ’s Mission

We're building the marketplace for DAOs — a one-stop-shop to find, invest, and participate in organizations and companies on the blockchain.

Our mission is to provide a full user experience, so anyone can engage in DAOs. Hundreds of DAOs have been founded in the past month, and we’re bringing information and purchasing for them in one place.

So far, nearly 1000 DAOs are listed on DAOHQ.co, and we’re adding more daily.

In this Forbes interview, DAOHQ co-founders Emmet and Lucas describe, “Unlike corporate employees or freelancers, DAO members are simultaneously owners, investors, & employees. With so many options, people can select work they are passionate about. This is critical because the employees become employers, and founders become funders.”

Read the full DAOHQ Forbes feature and interview with Emmet and Lucas here.

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Thanks to Emmet Halm, Ben J, and the DAOHQ team for reading drafts of this.

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