Now Live: Purchase Governance Tokens

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Now Live: Purchase Governance Tokens

Apr 13, 2022 - 2 min read
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The process of obtaining the membership requirements to join a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is often fragmented and ambiguous. At DAOHQ, we are working towards streamlining the experience and minimizing the friction to join a DAO. Currently, you can browse a variety of DAOs by niche or native chain on the DAOHQ platform, the world’s first DAO marketplace.

To further our pursuits in building out the only all-in-one DAO marketplace, we are excited to announce that we’ve launched the beta version of our on-site governance token purchasing feature.

All-in-one DAO Marketplace: Learn about DAOs, Browse DAOs, and Now – Buy DAO Tokens

You can now purchase DAO tokens directly on the DAOHQ site. To purchase tokens, you will need to connect your decentralized wallet, which can be located at the top-right corner of the site. You can then proceed to purchase the DAO tokens directly from the respective DAO’s page within a few clicks through the “Buy token” button.

We’re also unveiling additional features, specifically in-line graphical visualization of token price and a dashboard that summarizes your token portfolio to complement our token purchasing feature.

In-line Token Data Visualization

The graphical visualization of token data can be directly accessed in-line via the “Financials” tab for all DAOs that have an associated token. Information about the token’s price for a time-period ranging from 1-day to 1-year, market cap, total supply, and volume are displayed under the “Financials” tab. We want DAO of interest.

Portfolio Dashboard

You can conveniently view a dashboard of relevant information about your DAO token portfolio in the “Profile” tab located in the navigation bar. The “Profile” page can be accessed once you connect your wallet. Your portfolio dashboard will include a dollar-based amount calculated based on the market value of your token portfolio, a list of every token you own, and a brief financial summary about each of your tokens.

The beta launch of our token purchasing feature is now public to all DAOHQ users 🎉.

Upcoming: Our team is working towards launching even more functionality, such as the ability to view your transaction history and save all your favorite DAOs.

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